Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development

The demand for smartphones and tablets are on the rise and they have become ubiquitous and that is mainly due various mobile apps present in them. All businesses understand the benefits of having a mobile app and while many businesses target a single platform for the development of their mobile apps, many businesses opt for cross platform mobile apps for reaching to more number of customers at the same time irrespective of the platform they use.

You possibly have heard about the terms 'cross platform mobile app development' but you still do not know what it is exactly. These apps are apps those run on all platforms starting from Android to Apple iOS. The platforms that are mostly used are Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows and Blackberry. Every platform has its set of advantages over the others along with some disadvantages too. Every platform has gained widespread popularity with each of them having a formidable customer base. The users have the liberty to choose from various mobile platforms according to their needs. Then they get used to using some applications, or apps, that are specific to the platform they are using. The problem arises when they opt to change from a platform to the other since all the valuable data stacked up in their favorite apps may get removed as most of these apps will not run in the platform they are changing to. It is troublesome for the developers as well as they get stuck and confused on the issue that which platform should they build the apps for and which ones should they leave.

cross platform mobile apps
The solution to all these problems is to go for cross platform mobile apps. The universality that is associated with cross platform mobile apps has marked the rise in its demand over the platform specific apps. Apart from this, cross platform apps have numerous other advantages as well. They are as follows


Cross platform app development usually have reduced maintenance as well as reduced development costs as they generally originate from a single codebase and targets all platforms at one go. When you are developing an app which covers many platforms, you will be able to reach a wider amount of people. Google's Android and Apples' iOS are the most popular of the lot and are constantly competing for supremacy in the market and having an app to work for both of these will ensure a wider reach and will keep your app rolling in the market.


A cross platform mobile app facilitates a uniform look and feel for the app as there are a single set of codes running on all the apps.

We at Evince Development aim at bringing to you the best in class solution to cross platform mobile app development. We offer you supreme quality cross platform phone app development services that we provide with our qualified and dedicated developers who use the industry standard cross platform mobile app development software to build the app to your specifications and requirements and that too at the lowest possible rates.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

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