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Cloud App Development

Cloud App Development

In today's time which is driven by technology we are largely dependent upon smartphones and, subsequently, we are prone to using a lot of applications, or apps, in our smartphones for a diverse range of purposes that we need to fulfill on a regular basis. An app is a program which runs on a smartphone or tablet designed to meet a specific set of purposes of the users. It has benefited the users in numerous ways. However, there is another kind of application that has gained tremendous popularity among various commercial businesses as their choice of medium. Such kinds of apps are called CLOUD APPS. Now the question that arises is what is a cloud app? A cloud app is a program that is built to run on a web server instead of a device. That means it can be accessed from any web browser irrespective of the device one uses. It instantly cuts out the question of compatibility of the apps with a respective set of devices which is not the case with the native apps which needs to be installed in a device that meets the specifications the app requires to run. A cloud app has numerous advantages over a native app. Let us go through a few of them -

Cloud Application Development


Cloud apps are not required to be downloaded and can be accessed by any device that supports a web browser. This feature eliminates the issue of storage space and compatibility.


Cloud app development is a cheaper process as compared to development of the native apps.


The responsibility of maintenance of the cloud application vests on the cloud provider not the consumer


The interface of Cloud apps has an universality that allows the users to access its contents with ease.


Software updates and renewals of a cloud app are not the responsibility of the consumer as they are looked after by the cloud vendor and are made available to the customer at a low cost. It ensures the user interface to be modern and updated.

From the above points, it is quite clear that for various businesses it is more advantageous to use a cloud app than using a native app owing to its multiple advantages over the latter. A lot of cloud computing companies offer cloud computing services to its users. As a result more and more businesses are opting for cloud apps over native apps to carry forward their various works.

We at Evince Development have come forward to meet all your requirements regarding cloud application development and cloud mobile app development. Our cloud application developers have hands on expertise on cloud programming on various cloud app development platforms which enables them to build a cloud app meeting all your specifications and configurations. We make sure that you get the best out of our cloud app development outsourcing services by providing the best in class professionals, expert at handling various cloud app platforms, at your service and at minimum rates.
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